Have You Seen This?

Came across this today. Have y’all seen it??

Strange… :teehee:

Bizarro World.

Um, why does she have electrician’s tape on her eyes?!

That’s truly frightening.


that is a great idea!! that might be the only way anyone gets to wear anything i knit…



What the :hmm: :ick: :out:

Jeanious80 – I was drinking a cup of tea while reading these posts, and your comment almost made it come out of my nose! :roflhard:

Ummmmmmmmm :thud:

If she wanted thast knit dress that badly, she could have learned herself, instead of making someone else do it. But I think they haven’t learned how to bind off yet. :rofl:

Ummmmm did the knitter forget to take his/her hands??? Weird having those hands… :?? Very weird. samm

yeah i think the problem is definantly binding off…


High fashion. Will never understand it.


My, that certainly is … creative?! :rofl:

That was exactly what I was thinking:
Someone teach that girl to bind off NOW~!! :wall: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

:?? :?? Where do people come up with this stuff???

And get paid oodles of moolah to do it. Man, I need a job like that! :teehee:

yeah, what Abbily said!

Ford ranger ev specifications

:shrug: :frog:

I want to see her walk around, with those hands still on her.,
And what is keeping that Dress on her any way? :shrug: :eyes: :thinking:

^ Boob tape.