Have you seen this website?


I found this site by this lady who has knitted items for celebrities in movies. I thought it was really neat to read about each of them. She also has several free knitting videos that were really clear and easy to follow. I did find it easier to view her videos from you tube than her site. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=knittingtipsbyjudy&view=videos

Interesting! :thumbsup:

Pretty cool!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

How exciting! Thanks for sharing! :hug:

That was so fun to see and read ! Do you think she does alot of the “big part” on sweaters, etc. on a knitting machine ? I know a a very large person who is an amazing knitter and she uses a knitting machine on the large flat parts of sweaters and hand knits the rest …

I wondered that too. The only place I remember reading that she used the knitting machine was on the really large Freddy Kruger sweater.

very interesting!

Hi Margaret,
I see that you are from RI, me too. I live in Newport…where are you and what knitting stores do you go to?

Very cool…