Have you seen this lace bedspread?

Wow…take a look at this beauty…


wow- something like that is so beautiful and overwhelming I’d never try it!! It must have taken months to do…

That is beautiful, I’ve always wanted to make one.

It’s so nice!

I actually have the yarn in stash, and I plan to make it. I don’t see how I’d ever be able to use it, though, with all the work that went into it.

It’s beautiful!


Do you have any other bedspread patterns, for either knitting or crochet?

Wow! It is pretty, but I would poke myself in the eye with my hook before I ever attempted anything that big!

Oh i wish i could make one but i am merely a beginner. Maybe one day .

one can dream until then:)

thanks for the post

Gorgeous! Kinda looks like a pattern I’ve got in an old McCall’s book called, “Cornflower”. Moocho tedious but think of the satisfaction…

Braden, did you ever start this bedspread? The advantage to a pattern like this is being able to do one hexagon at a time, making it seem like a smaller project. My mom used to make similar bedspreads with tiny thread all the time. I never appreciated all that work when I was a kid. She always wanted us to enjoy what she made and not ever worry about “wearing it out.” Sadly, I didn’t learn to crochet until after her death. I think it helped. She lived in central MS too, by the way.

I actually have bookmarked this one as a “someday to crochet” dream project (along with a fancy knit christening gown).
Incidentally, I showed this to a friend who is sort of immodest about her crochet abilities (I’m all for horn tooting, but not bragging). She said, “It’s ugly, but not too hard to do. I have some patterns you should look at before you try this one.” :shrug:
I don’t appreciate patronizing or saying something fakey nice if you dont’ want to be honest, but sheesh, have a little tact!
I love itthough. I wonder if the rosette part could be adapted to be flatter tho?:??

I don’t know about changing this pattern but there are a LOT of pinwheel patterns out there without the flower in the middle if you want to use thread. Before started knitting all i did was thread crochet and I still like working with the smaller yarn. I have never crocheted anything that large. It look like fun! Lots of time but fun.

Wow, that’s beautiful. It looks so intricate. I can never imagine making something like that myself… but I’d love to own one. LOL :slight_smile:

That is one nice pattern. I recently inherited from my sister a bedspread that my mother started eons ago and never finished. My sis gave it to me to finish and keep. It is an afghan square pattern and I don’t know how I will finish it yet. My only problem is getting more of green thread as I have no idea of the size just that it was Coats and Clark thread. I plan on asking them for help and go from there. It should be fun. My sister doesn’t crochet or knit but quilts and she finally decided to give it to me 18 years after our mother passed away. It will be part of my MOM and me.:heart:

I don’t have any other patterns for bedspreads. I just happen to come across that one. It sure is beautiful tho.

There are more bedspreads on Crochet Pattern Cental, under “bedroom crochet” :thumbsup:


If your looking for bedspread patterns to crochet or knit, you might try
crochetpatterncentral.com knittingpatterncentral to name just two. Good luck with those, they seems so overwhelmimg. I don’t know if I could ever do something like that.