Have you seen these hooks?


They are gorgeous! I’m going to ask hubby for a set for my birthday. :slight_smile:

If you like those so much then check out

and the price is rather steep. I prefer drooling over the wooden ones, lol lol:rofling::rofling:

Yikes…I don’t think I’d use glass hooks.

Wow. Those wood ones are very pretty.

[COLOR=“Red”][I]yes beautiful, I do love them, but don’t know if I could spend that much on hooks…the ones I have will last just as long if taken care of…if I won the lottery, then I think that is one thing I would treat myself too…LOL

Glass, I don’t know about those…pretty, but would be worried about them breaking…[/I][/COLOR]

I have 3 of those hooks (F,G,H). They’re absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to work with. Bill is very prompt with the shipping too. Someday I’ll get the remaining sizes and the case. I think it’s worthwhile spending on a beautifully made object like that, which you will always treasure :smiley:

Super mega ultra fancy! Wow! I’m sure they are EXPENSIVE!!!:open_mouth:

They are handmade with exotic wood and they are $14 each. I think that is pretty reasonable. :shrug:

Cando - do you know how long it takes for them to respond to an email? I’m impatient…yes I am. I emailed last night and haven’t heard back yet. LOL

Edit to add:

Ok so I noticed on his site that the ones I requested have SOLD by them but I haven’t heard back yet…

You should hear from him pretty quickly. I wrote to him very late one night and got a reply next morning saying he’s set aside the ones I liked. And I too think $14 is a good price :smiley:

have you guys heard about the crochet hooks that light up (like the kntting neeedles)… saw them in Hobby lobby or Michaels thursday. also saw them in my crochet! mag being advertised… looks kinda cool~!:thumbsup:

I still haven’t’ heard from him, but noticed the box I requested was marked sold. Hopefully I’ll hear soon. I didn’t give a phone number but my email is working.

those glass hooks are GORGEOUS… .:inlove::inlove:but why are the knitting needles $28 and the hooks $70???:shrug:

YAY…I heard from Bill and I paid for my set. :slight_smile: It’s for my birthday so I’m super excited!!

Happy birthday in advance and enjoy the gorgeous hooks! :smiley:

Look at these


Sorry if somebody posted the link before.

Those are pretty too, Braden!

Happy Bday ~ Robinbyrd~!:cheering::cheering::muah::cheering::cheering::clink:

cry cry drool cry I was caressing the screen. Oh god how I want the knitting needles in silver with shell. And the double pointed needles. Oh gods. I’m going back to cry again.

I want the dpn’s, too!

All I can say is…SIGH