Have you seen my knitting bag?


I and some knitting friends go to a knitting-cafe every second tuesday, and the owners gave us a challenge, make a bag!

And I have made this, and I won! The first prise at the cafe! :cheering:


That’s gorgeous…and all the pockets from the jeans! And are you meaning to tell me it’s also reversible???

Woman, you are a magician! :cheering: :cheering:

That is very cool!

For me, :flirt:, oh, you shouldn’t have :whistle: !

That is BEAU-GORGEOUS :muah:

You should delete the picture from this site and any other site you posted the bag, and submit it to one of the online knitzines for publication.





Extremely clever! :cheering:

That is one nifty bag. :notworthy: Brilliant idea to make it reversible and with the denim the needles won’t puncture the bag easily.

WOW! :thud:

that is so awesome~~!! :notworthy:

What did you get for winning 1st prize~~~ :??

i love it!

:yay: whoOOOOOOOA!!

The embellishment on the felted side alone is worth a :notworthy: , but then the very well-finished pockets on the reversible!! denim side!!! Wizard is more like it!! Very well-finished!!

A small painting!


That bag is fabulous! Knitting and sewing skills, wow.

Geez woman, you make us all look bad with your awsome knitting skills! :teehee:

How did you get it all reversable like? You know, the outside’s one color but the inside’s something else intirely? How’d you do that?

You mean that it is knitted on the outside and sewed on the inside?

Wow, you are amazingly talented. That is soooo cool!! :cheering:

:muah: that is fabulous!! Congrats!! I love the lining/reversible part, too-great use of resources, and a very creative felted bag too! You are an inspiration!!


Wow…love the bag, and the prize!

Thank you everybody!