Have you noticed this too?

This is along the same line as a previous thread. When I knit in public I am usually at some sort of event where there are lots children (imagine that :wink: ) anyway I always get more attention and comments about my knitting from boys. Has anyone else noticed this?

LOL, Iโ€™m usually knitting in the drโ€™s office and itโ€™s mostly men that comment

Yes I have noticed at social occasions with lots of children that the boys comment more than the girls or even just come up and stare - I think they are trying to work out HOW the stitches are made. The mechanics of it probably interest them but the sad thing is that when they are little enough not to care about gender roles and comments from others they are still too young to pick it up easily. Then when they are old enough to manage the needles they are more worried about not looking girly and probably more into screens-tv-playstation etc than crafts.