Have you knit a pillow?

I am redoing a spare bedroom. I just bought and put on the twin bed a new set of pink, white, yellow and green stripe sheets. Then I put a beatuiful whole cloth quilted, hot pink quilt and a quilted pillow sham that is white and has the pink, blue and a bit of green on it. I’m going for a bright and colorful room.

Now I’d like to knit “something” :?? for the bed but not a blanket. I was thinking of a pillow. :XX: Have you ever knitted a throw pillow just for decoration? How did it come out? :smiley:

I just found this pattern which I think is pretty.


I’ve done a few. Fun, fairly quick - I’ve been pleased with the results.

I haven’t knitted any, but I’ve crocheted a few, and I think they turned out great!

I made a pillow as a gift last year. I liked the fact that I could play with patterns on it but not have to make it into a huge blanket or garment. I think knitting your own pillows would be a great idea for a newly decorated room. You could find the yarns that matche perfectly and bring it all together.

Yes, I think thats what I’ll do. I need to buy some bright and cheery yarns now. Then I’ll be all set. Thanks again! :smiley:

Your room sounds really pretty :inlove: I think you could make a pillow… I saw a bag that said ‘If you remove the strap it also can be a pillow’ when the people who wrote the book werer ranting on about how good it was… :lol:

I’ve seen pillow formss at Joannes and was always temped to do one. It would seem so easy and with all the differetn sizes they got at Joannes you could get really creative with it. I love pillows and that pattern you picked is FFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAbulous!!

There is a free pattern on the Debbie Bliss website. I also have the book on Hand Knits for the Home. There is a lot of cute stuff in there. Knitpicks.com has pictures I believe.

I’ve made a few pillows, and the last one I did with stash yarn, worsted and chunky together, and striped by switching only the worsted. It has one side longer to fold over and button. I made buttonholes in this foldover flap bit. Obviously! It turned out well. I think you can make a cheerful pillow or two for that awesome room! Good luck with it! samm

I’ve done almost 2. lol The first one is completed, but I only have 5 squares done for the 2nd and then I ran out of yarn. :doh: They’re patchwork ones with 2 squares of pink, and 2 squares of cream on each side done in garter stitch. It was only my 2nd or 3rd project so it didn’t turn out perfectly square, but it is beautiful all the same!!!

I just bought 10 skeins of Lion Brand Suede yarn in a green that goes with my green lazyboy & couch & I’ll be making some pillows out of that. Only $2 each on clearance!!! :cheering:

Have fun!

I’ve knit a couple pillows too. I keep one of them in my car :slight_smile: Anywhoo - they are quick and also a good use for left over yarn too :wink: The Coats & Clark Learn to Knit CD has some cute pillow designs on the too if you feel like checking them out…