Have you heard....... Really fun. :D

[COLOR="#FBFBFB"]Of invisible text? I wonder how many people are going to see this? If you want to do it, you can change the color of the font with the little button up top that has an ‘A’ with a bar underneath. Click on that, and chose a color. (Doesn’t matter what, you won’t see it anyway.) See? [COLOR=“Yellow” ][/COLOR ] (I put a space in so it didn’t vanish. LOL) Now, the HTML code for the background is #FBFBFB So what you would do it replace the “Yellow” with the #FBFBFB Like this ----> [COLOR="#FBFBFB" ][/COLOR ] And then you would type your text right [COLOR="#FBFBFB" ]here. [/COLOR ]

Pretty simple. really fun! Just don’t use emoticons or you will give it away.[/COLOR]

I could read your message but I didn’t understand how to do it myself!

:teehee: Yeah, that’s been around for awhile, but please be mindful of what you post regardless of whether it’s invisible. Anything you wouldn’t say in visible text should not be said in invisible text.

[COLOR=white]you can also just type your text, highlight, and select the white color from the font color chooser[/COLOR]

what would be the point?

There used to be a few blogs where members would use that to write words that were less than PC and things like that. IMO it’s not a good idea though. The vast majority of people are not going to bother highlighting anything anyway.

It is sometimes used to discuss a tv show or movie that other people might not have seen, to give people the option of not reading material that might contain spoilers.

Now THAT is an excellent use for it and hopefully will be put to use as the new season really kicks in this week! :thumbsup:

I just find it a little inconsiderate is all…in a kinda “behind your back” kinda way…