Have you heard of this website for your projects?


This site is www.etsy.com
It is very similar to ebay except only crafts and craft supplies are avaliable…

Thought I would share.

Yep, I think most crafters are familiar with etsy, but there may be some out there who haven’t discovered it yet.

Love Etsy!

However I disagree with this:

It is very similar to ebay except only crafts and craft supplies are avaliable…
I thinks it’s apples and oranges - no auctions on etsy, it’s purely for artesians and new items. While ebay allows for autions, and sale of used items. Both useful, but very very different!

I work for Canada Post, so this morning I went to deliver a customers parcel who is a jewelery maker and supplier of beads told me about it. I was so pumped to check it out. I did not know I could deliver mail so fast… hahahhaaa

I LOVE etsy…I buy a lot of hand spun and hand dyed yarns from independent spinners and dyers on there.

I’m signed up with Etsy, just haven’t done anything with the “store” yet. I’ve purchased finished items from Etsy artisans as well. Seems like a wonderful way to sell craftwork. Mary

I’m an older newbie and had not heard of it yet. Thanks!


Thank you for the site for esty. I put it in my bookmarks. :waving:

I’m a vendor there, too. I seriously have to build up my inventory right now, though…

OMG THANKS SOO MUCH!! :muah: I didn’t know about the site. I collect cows and I have been looking on ebay and every where for cow stitch markers. I found cow stitch markers and needles!!! :yay:

Just goes to show “Everything Old is New Again” — to someone!:slight_smile: