Have you heard about "knittingdaily"?

I just read about this new site at www.knittingdaily.com

Right now they are offering a FREE pattern for beautful socks!!

It might be good! But I know THIS place is the BEST!!! :muah:

Thank you for sharing this info. Love the sock pattern.

Ohhhh…thank you very much for the link! :hug:

ohh thank you for the link :teehee:

Cool. Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:


Interesting that you mention this - yesterday when I tried to visit the “subscriber only” section of Interweave there was a note that everything would now be included in Knittingdaily and it redirected me to that website. I guess all of the previously subscriber-only content from Interweave will now be available to free on that website. Of course, until Spring (when it is supposed to “officially” launch) it’s not available at all :verysad:

I love the sock pattern. Thanks for sharing :hug:

Oh my, those socks!! :inlove: Thanks for the link!!

That’s how I found them too…

Thanks for the link.

Cool! Thank you for the link! I’m waiting on the shawl pattern, as it may be my first attempt at a semi-garment and/or something that IS NOT a scarf :smiley: :cheering:

Oooh those socks look scarily complicated!! :thud: But I’ve not even tried doing simple ones yet!

Thanks for the site link! :heart:

Looks very interesting. Expecting it to be high quality cuz it’s a product of Interweave Press.