Have you guys seen this stash?

Without doubt, the Stash Queen!!

Woah!!! She has enough to open a store or 2 or 3! I’d like to go shopping in her stash!

oh my… when can we (knitters) move in? LOL

:passedout:[SIZE=7]OH MY GOSH!!![/SIZE]:passedout::passedout:
I think she has more than my LYS. Lucky U!:clink:

I had to forward that to my DH, he thinks I have too much!:drool:

On the one hand I think that woman may have a problem, and on the other hand I am JEALOUS!!! Plus, it’s nice of her to provide a “see, I’m not THAT bad” for all our husbands (and other affected parties).

I am filled with so much wonderment. What could be in all those cabinets? What is her rarest find? What is her most sentimental stashed item? And what is “the one that got away”, the item her collection is missing?

This link is also famous in the U.K.! Much admired and worshipped by all! Who wouldn’t want to live in that room? Awesome…

Wow, I am in shock. I’d love to browse through that! She needs a pattern for a skyscraper cozy.

“skyscraper cozy”



True SABLE right there. Does she actually knit or just acquire yarn?


I was wondering the same thing. I mean, if she does knit, imagine the size of the room that would hold her FOs!

WOW!!! I don’t feel so bad about my stash now. I’m an amateur. That room is bigger than my entire apartment.

And my mom thinks I have a lot of yarn!

WOW! I don’t know what to think. I guess if you have the money to buy that much…a little overkill if you don’t own a shop. I guess I’m just simple. I buy what I need, or if on a really good sale, but only if I have a project for it and someone to give it to. She will NEVER run out of yarn.:x:


That room is my idea for heaven, except it should have a little Starbucks in one corner. :mrgreen:
Love it, love it, love it, and am soooo jealous. Now even DH has to admit that I have a measly little stash. :lol:


[B]I am decidedly
[COLOR=Green]green [/COLOR]
with envy!! [/B]


wow that is bigger than my LYS! I only have 3 skeins of yarn that don’t have projects planned for them, and they are making me antsy. I would have to quit my job and just knit for a few years. I couldn’t concentrate at work knowing that I had all of that waiting for me at home.