Have you guys noticed

That on the main forum page it tells you if anyone is celebrating a birthday?

I’m just sayin’…

It has been there since i joined . It is a nice little touch i think.


happy birthday! may the yarn gods smile upon you :wink:


happy birthday!!! have a fabulous day and go get some yarn!

Happy Birthday! I see lots of yarn in your future!

That is to cute. I will have to make sure I check that out on Oct 19… so I can see my name up in “lights:teehee:”

":balloons::note::note:Happy Birthday to Angel4ever, Meearnol, and Samsam. Happy Birthday to you.:note::note::present:

Yes! I check it regularly!! Happy birthday to you!!!

Maybe we need to start a birthday thread, just for well wishes on special days? Would that be a good idea, or not?

Happy birthday!!

happy birthday!!!

Thanks everyone!!! :muah:

I always forget to look! :shifty:

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday!


Happy Natal Anniversary!

How am I missing this? Where does it announce birthdays?

Birthdays are listed on the “forum” page, close to the bottom on the left hand side.

Happy birthday, meearnol!

Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve never noticed it before.

Adorable video, Jeanius80!!! :yay:

I’ve never noticed either!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday :balloons:Meearnol:present:, :balloons:SamSam,:present: and :balloons:Angel4ever!:present:
Happy birthday toooooo youuuuu!

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