Have you guys ever seen this stitch pattern?

I was knitting this afternoon and I managed to somehow came up with this stitch pattern by myself ramdomly… :shrug: I don’t know if this really is a proper stitch pattern :?? so…have any of you seen it before?? :thinking: just curious :teehee:

It kind of looks similar to a stitch I saw in the Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns, I think it was called “net”. Very pretty!! Did you write down how you made that?

Oops, sorry lol, forgot to say how I did it :rofl:
Well, all I did was knit once, pass the stitch back to the left needle, and then knit again, pass it back, finally knit again. And then I repeat that with every stitch.

That is different than the technique in the book. I like that!

It sounds kind of like crochet in a way, but I really like the way it looks!

Ohhh, can you maybe share the stitch pattern of the “net” then? I’m a bit curious about it :rofl: Thanks :cheering:

I will PM it to you

Thanks! :slight_smile: :notworthy:
I’ll try that pattern soon :rofl:

[color=indigo]I like that pattern. Is it really that simple?


Oh man that would make an awesome hat stitch pattern! :inlove:

Just 3 knits into same stitch? All in the front?


I like that!! It’s so cool–in different ways :teehee:

Yeah, it really IS that simple, and very quick too! :teehee:
I’m glad that somebody will actually like my ramdom pattern :rofl:

Yeah, three knits into the same stitch. I knit for every stitches, but I think you can also get the same result by purling. :shrug: Let me know how it turns out :slight_smile:

I just knit up a small swatch using the stitch pattern and I’ll be definitely be knitting some cotton hats with this! :happydance:

Yay! Good luck! :cheering:
Now I feel so proud that somebody’s gonna actually use my pattern on a project! :smiley:

Yeah I’ll probably work on a hat using the stitch pattern after my next hat.

I’m addicted to hat. :zombie: :teehee: