Have You Ever

[B]Have you knit right before going to bed wondering how the recipient of what your knitting is going to like it?

Then all of the sudden you wake up KNITTING THE SHEET and BLANKET on the bed ? LOL I woke up with the blanket in my hands and I’m trying to find the stitches in MY SLEEP. I actually pulled it OFF OF MY HUSBAND while trying to find what I thought was the end of the blanket wHich I THOUGHT I was knitting. [/B]


I do dream of knitting, ususally finding it impossible to count the same number of cast-on stitches two times in a row.:hair:

I’ve never tried to knit my blankets, though.

I’ve woken up knitting nothing. Just making the motions and not even knowing what I was dreaming about.


Whewwww! A least I’m not the only one :slight_smile: At least it was good for a laugh to share that![/B]

:chair::chair::chair: sooo funny!!!

No, that’s not happened to me…yet :teehee: I do dream about knitting though :shifty:

I have to stop knitting at least one hour before bed or i just can’t sleep!

I haven’t woken up knitting my sheets or anything, but I was knitting before bed and I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about all the things I wanted to make and what wool would be best. I was up for hours!!!

I have fallen asleep while knitting and continued knitting in my sleep. My hasband has observed this several times. He thinks it’s funny. When I wake up he warns me to check the last few rows. It’s usually ok if it is stockinette.


That is funny. I think my husband would just laugh about it.

Susan [B]


I don’t think I have dreamt about it yet. I just wake up knitting the blanket or sheet.

I must knit really great in my sleep, beacuse there is a beautiful knit blanket over my husband and I when I wake up!  QUEEN SIZE BLANKET![/B]


Wow, I just noticed your from Spain! We would love to visit Spain someday. Glad you got a laugh over my night time antics from over seas ![/B]

:roflhard: I’ve dreamed of knitting, but haven’t knit the sheet yet. I do have two pets on the bed so maybe they ought to take cover though… :shifty:



When I KNIT THE SHEET, It’s just with my hsband in bed with me. Good tihng I don’t actually have the needles in my hands. It could be dangerous for him.

In the morning he puts Sissy, our little Maltese on bed with me. ( Look at my Avatar, That is Sissy at a few years old. She is 7 now.)


She’s cute! Looks a lot like my little Coton… Foo. :shifty:

[B]Cotton is adorable! How old is she? [/B]

Actually her name is Foofoo… [SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray]I didn’t name her… [/COLOR][/SIZE]:shifty: Her breed is a Coton de Tulear. She’s 5 1/2 now. This picture is after she’d been to the groomer. She is a cutie pie. :wink:

I’m really new to knitting. This is actually only my fourth day. :slight_smile:

My second day of knitting I was obsessed. I wasn’t even knitting a project, just learning the stitches and doing them over and over again.

When I went to bed and closed my eyes, all I could see were stitches. It was as if every fabric I touched was knitted. :teehee: If I had been less tired I would have cracked myself up.

I only got two hours of sleep that night because I had been up till 3:30 knitting and surfing the net and then I couldn’t get to sleep. I had to get up at 6.

But I haven’t dreamed of knitting so far. At least that I know of. I don’t often remember my dreams.


I havent heard of that breed before. But she sure is cute.

You mentioned she just went to the groomer. Did your groomer say anything about her little footsies? Sissy had those brownish tips on here feet before too. Rhonda, our groomer said she would grow out of it. IF NOT, there is treatment for it. I can’t remember what it’s called though.

OOPS, Sorry I got your name wrong there FooFoo !


[B]Welcome Avinony!

Take it easy on the knitting. If I knit right before I go to bed, I dream of knitting and end up waking up. You won’t get any sleep that way.[/B]