Have you ever used Deborah Norville yarn

JoAnn’s had some of her Serenity sport weight Premier yarn on sale very reasonably priced. I thought it would be good for a first attempt at socks.
Anyone ever used this yarn? It feels really nice for a 55% superfine nylon/ 45% superfine acrylic blend. It calls for using a U.S. sz 3 to 5 needle. If it isn’t a good choice for socks it would make a really nice scarf for my hubby.

I haven’t tried the sport, but I’ve got some of the sockweight yarn on the needles now. Socks have a few more inches to go before starting the toes. I’ve found it splits easy if you’re not careful with it. It does have a lovely feel to it, and the striping that’s happening with mine is very pleasing.

i asked over on Ravelry as I have some of that in my stash (thinking handwarmers, might make socks for my invalid grandma out of it). I was told it’s thin and may not hold up well in addition to being splitty

Any soft yarn is going to be splitty because it’s loose twisted in order to make it soft. There’s a couple things you can do though, either go up a couple needle sizes or knit looser. The larger, looser stitches make it easier to get your needle into them with less splitting. I knit with bigger needles and have hardly any problem with yarns that other people find so splitty they want to throw them out.

i’ll be casting on tomorrow in the Paprika colorway to make myself some socks (i generally only wear wool socks this time of year and when i’m going to be around the house, they’re my “relaxation” thing… and right now i realize my feet are so cold they’re completely numb despite having on shoes and socks and yet i don’t have any wool socks since the one pair i’ve had for 12 years decided to die on me this year).

i’ll be using the yarn harlot’s basic sock pattern and let all of ya know how it goes…

I am using the Serenity Sock Weight which is 50% superwash, 25% Bamboo, and 25% Nylon. It’s so wonderfully soft, doesn’t split, and am hoping I can find it in pale solid/semi-solid colors so I can dye it myself. Not impressed with the washed out colors of the line as it exists now. I would continue using it forever! I LOVE it! :inlove:

Your socks are really pretty. The yarn I bought is a plain color - Caft Au Lait in sport weight on a close out sale. I really like the color for a neutral. Unfortunately the socks are going to have to wait until after the holidays since they’ll be the first ones I knit.:woohoo:
(((HUGS))) Verna