Have you ever tried this?

I don’t know why I never considered it before. I found some machine knitting yarn (Tamm Trenzi) at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It was sort of DK-ish in weight. I started playing with it, swatching, etc. and am now most of the way through a top-down raglan COAT, but I am hand knitting it. I’m in a warm place, so I didn’t want it to be thick and heavy. The fabric and drape are absolutely wonderful! I like it so much that I started looking on line for more, and I’ve found that you can buy gazillions of yards for very reasonable prices.
This would be just great for just about anything. It comes in a bunch of different weights (fingering to bulky), great colors, most fibers, and is not very expensive.
Anyway, I just wondered if any of you hand knitters had made the same discovery? Here’s the link to where I found some online:


This particular yarn isn’t wool, but on the home page of this place they show they have Bramwell brand which has a superwash wool and a 100% wool, among others. I am really really liking this.
You could definitely feed a sock-knitting fetish with this kind of yarn.
Actually, you could make anything. It’s not all thin yarn. I found some other brands on other sites as well, and the prices all seem to be anywhere from around $13.00 to $40.00 per pound. Not bad! Compare that to what we pay for skeins of hand knitting yarn…

I have some chenille that’s either machine yarn or weaving yarn that I’m using for socks. I got 1500 yards EACH of a royal blue and a burgundy. I’m pretty sure I can also make some cute baby accessories or even grown-up accessories with this yarn. I’ll definitely look into your links, though.