Have you ever knit with

Sirdar Ocean?

It is a narrow ribbon yarn of 62% nylon and 38% cotton. The label says “This yarn does not knit to standard tension.”

So in your experience, is it looser, tighter? :?? Seems like it might be really slippery :think: but I have a nice pattern for it (from Sirdar) …

I suspect that since you can knit with ribbon yarn on a wide variety of needles, that they don’t want to give you a tension number on the label. You can knit with it with super-large needles for a lacy web effect, and you can knit with more ‘normal’ sized needles for a tighter, cushier fabric.

Since the yarn is Sirdar and the pattern is Sirdar, I’d go with what the pattern says–there must be a gauge there, somewhere.