Have you ever bought yarn, that you loved, but

…when you started knitting with it you really don’t care for it?

Several weeks ago I bought a pink and grey varigated wool yarn that I thought was very pretty. I thought it would be a very nice scarf. Well, I started a cable scarf with this yarn, and the more I knit with it the less I like it. I have about 12 inches complete and I really don’t like the way the colors varigate. The pinks are light for about two inches, then darker, and then it begins to look grey with a hint of pink. Sorry, it is very hard to describe.

The lady at my LYS was telling us last week about a woman that comes in who doesn’t seem to have a lot of money. I guess one day the store owner offered her some of the yarn ends she had left over and the woman came back with it all knit in baby blankets for the Linus project. I am thinking of frogging about six inches and giving all of this yarn (I have two skeins) to the LYS so they can pass it on.

I guess I am just a little frustrated that this yarn turned out like this. Am I being silly, or has it happened before?

Thanks for letting me vent.

Stacy :?eyebrow:


I think it is a good idea to donate it though. You know…one woman’s trash… :slight_smile:

I bought a beautiful tweed from Yarn Forward–good price, nice wool/alpaca blend. I’ve started a couple of sweaters with it, but the end result always is just so limp. I’ll have to experiment with smaller needles, etc. but I was so looking forward to using this yarn and now it sits, looking gorgeous but without a future.

this is exactly how I feel about lion brand homespun. It is SO soft and the colors are SO great, but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE to knit with it :mad: Every once in a while I’ll get a bug to buy more, and I have to remind myself “NO Hildie!!! Bad Hildie! You HATE homespun! No homespun for you!” (or something like that). I sold a bunch on the swap forum here, but I keep finding more at home; I think I’ll have to donate that stuff too, just to get rid of it.

Seems to me that Homespun is a commonly hated yarn. I tried to use it, couldn’t finish, and will give it all away. Yuck. :rollseyes:

I thought it was just me with the homespun. I didn’t care for it AT ALL. I started an afghan for my husband with a beautiful color. I thought it was going to be so soft and warm. It was soft, and probably warm, but the color became drab and it lost the pattern. I returned what I didn’t ball, and have the open ball at school for kids who want to fool around with knitting.


There always has to be one in a group~I love Homespun~

I admit it has some problems but I love the way it looks and feels. I did have to put an overhand knot in the ends of the cut fringe on an afghan or it would have disolved.

I did an afghan, vest, coat, Baby Surprise Sweater pullover out of it.

homespun hater here too. But I also had a bad experience with Jo Sharp cotton. It was just so splitty! I love the colors and the patterns though so I keep trying. There are lots of cottons that split so I gotta get used to it

Soxy, you don’t stand alone! I am one who does happen to like Homespun. I just wish our local Wal-Mart (only local yarn supply) carried a larger variety of colors, such as I’ve seen online. I’ve made two really long scarves with it. The first one, I crocheted, before I learned to knit. I wore it this past winter and it was so snuggly and warm. The second one, I’ve knitted for my dd in Germany (one of my first projects in knit), and will send it to her in the fall.