Have you bought yarn here before?

Yarn and thread by Lisa… It’s really cheap for the cotton yarn!! :shock: I might give them a try.


Well it looks like shipping is rather high. I figured it out and for 6 balls of Sugar and Cream + shipping it comes to just over $2 a ball. I can usually get it cheaper at Michaels although they don’t have the selection. So maybe if I really need a special color it would be okay, but otherwise… :rollseyes:

Yeah. I bought from Lisa once before when I couldn’t find a certain color in a certain brand. It’s good to have but not one of my regular shopping spots.

well you figured out the same thing that i was going to say about the cost with the shipping being more than what it costs at the store. I was just looking at their page thinking they were in Canada but it appears they are just in the middle of no where her in Nebraska (or at least not in Omaha or Lincoln! :wink: )

Actually it looks like they do have one in Lincoln! I don’t know the area of course though. Is Lincoln near you? It would be really cheap if you didn’t have to pay shipping.

well from my house it is about 45 minutes. I went down to Lincoln last weekend to get some yarn i couldn’t find here in omaha. What a disappointing store THAT was…they had my color but that was about it! The Sugar n Cream is $1.27 at Hobby Lobby and i have a ton more than i am using right now. If i were IN Lincoln though i would stop there…of course that would be a good excuse for ditching the boring meetings i am usually at when i am in town…lol