Have you answered Question 17?

[LEFT]I have tried to create some interest and promote our craft by posting a new question each month. I call it [B][I]Question 17[/I][/B].[/LEFT]

[LEFT]There is a new Question 17 for the month going from August 17 to September 16![/LEFT]


[LEFT]This time you can win some sock yarn if you play! Two hanks of Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Heather fingering yarn in Highland Mist (enough to make a large pair of socks - K just made a pair for my father out of the very same yarn. He sports size 11 feet.)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Drop by if you like![/LEFT]

I’m game!

I added my answer

Thanks for all of the terrific comments! You are so supportive.

Good luck to all of those who have entered the contest!

very cool of you to do this! i love that cardigan you shared :slight_smile: very nice colors

How cool! I posted my answer and I want to THANK YOU for being so generous! :muah:
(Even if I dont win! hee hee)

By the way, your blog ROCKS!