Have you all seen this?

What do you expereinced knitters and needle buyers think of these? http://www.knitpicks.com/needles/Needles_list.aspx?categories=‘4599’&searchType=Category&titleName=Sets

Do these have any unique features that other interchangable sets don’t offer?

Wow. When did they put those up? I was there earlier today and I swear they weren’t there then. Is the shortest cable 24"?

24 inches was the shortest except ont the non interchangable size 0-3 which were as short as 16 inches. I have one pair of 16" size 7’s and would like 16" in 6 and 8 as well. On lots of theings a longer cable doesn’t matter but hats and round dishcloths that take a larger needle size the shorter cable is handy.

i want to know how they knit. ive been considering buying an interchangable set and these look similar to addi’s. if they knit like addi’s what a dream set.

I don’t remember seeing them before. I recently bought the Denise set :inlove: and I just LOVE them. They are the only needles that I knit with now. :XX: :XX:

I’m anxious to hear from some folks who’ve used it, it does look amazing.


I love my Denise set too… I also have the boye set and they are nice but really right now all I use is my Denises… I’d be interested to hear how these do too… they look really nice… I hadn’t seen those before either…

I’m particularly intrigued by the brass DPNs. I wish they came in more sizes!

Ick they’re nickel-plated…I’d prolly break out using them!

I am pretty sure my Addis are nickel plated. But at this hour I could be just not thinking straight. heh


Yup, they sound a lot like Addis…nickel plated hollow brass… :inlove:

I hope there’s not any sort of patent infringement going on, what with the needles being so similar to Addis. :S I can just see somebody getting their knickers in a twist over this…

Please God, prevent any twisting of knickers. Amen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks promising, but I’d want more cable sizes! And time will tell if the cables are like boyes or addis.

I like the case. That is what I am looking for for all my circulars. Do they sell just the case with refillable pockets?

Okay, THAT is must be what was about to happen @ KnitPicks that Kelley couldn’t tell me about :thinking: I must investigate :wink:

Okay, I’ve been over @ KnitPicks looking @ the new needles and I now want all of them!! The interchangeables, of course, a few of the 24" size 1’s and, of course, 2 sets of the dpns in sizes 1 and 2…I must now tell Lonnie all about them :wink:

You can buy the case, the plastic needle holders, cables, needles all separately! Very cool!

:cheering: :cheering: I know…I’ve been over @ KnitPicks looking them over again I’m pretty sure I’ll have to have the interchangeable kit next pay day…or the next…but, WOW…I love, love my Denises, don’t get me wrong. I’m a knitting needle junkie and, I was telling Lonnie a few days ago that it would be so cool if addi had an interchangeable set and then I see these…gotta have 'em…gotta have the dpns, gotta have them all :thumbsup:

Ooooooh, i just saw this at Knit Picks and came over here to see if anyone had tried them yet.

I’m generally a bamboo kinda girl, but these look very, very interesting… flexible cables…smooth joins… :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

And, the price for the set is hard to beat!

Okay, I’m off to try to convince my husband (and myself) that I need this…

Okay, I just bought the set. :happydance: I’ll let you all know what I think after I get them and have a chance to try them out!!