Have Yarn, Will Travel

I plan on KIP’ing Sat. when I fly to see “mommie dearest.” :XX:
I’m off to Phoenix with a mid trip jaunt to MouseWorld (Disneyland). I have my spankin’ new Denises (with all their “slidey goodness” as per previous posts) and have already started a simple baby blankie pattern to take with me that I don’t hardly have to thinik about. However, I have already specified my mom (picture Sharon Osbourne without the English accent and bad language) is to take me visit yarn shops. I am starting to feel the tingly giddiness of going to a shop that has all the trappings of knitting nirvanna! I speciifically want to go to Jessica Knits which is near where ma lives as I want to check out the Jordana Paige knitter’s purse up close. I have wanted to go nuts and order one but I feel I just have to see if I like it first. I hate returning things…
Anybody else have some fun trips/plans for the summer? :sunglasses:

Have fun on your trip!

In about a week and a half I am leaving for the Usborne Books National Convention in Tulsa Oklanhoma. A number of consultants and I are driving! I plan on knitting in the van. Any body from Tulsa? Any good lys out there?

We’re going to CO at the end of June…anyone been to Showers of Flowers? Or know of another good LYS in the Denver area? :wink:

I’m just bummed that I won’t be able to knit on the plane. (Lap-riding almost-two-year-old.) :shock:

We’re taking a 16 hour road trip up to IL in a few weeks! I have to say I’m not dreading the drive quite so much because I’ll be able to knit! That is, if I can convince DH to drive the majority of the time. :wink:

Have fun a disney!

We will be driving from IL to KY. My DD10 and I plan on knitting during the 8 hr drive. We also plan on knitting whereever we are tomorrow. :XX: :XX:

I’m going to WI with 2 coworkers to bike ride the Elroy-Sparta bike trail – it is an abandoned railroad track system made into a bike path that has 3 stone tunnels that are each around 3/4 a mile long to ride through. We’ll spend two nights in my camper that is next to the Buckhorn State Park (approx 30 min from WI Dells). No husband, kids or pets! :cheering: Girls Weekend Away!! The downside is that the most bike riding I’ve done is around the neighborhood with my DS – 20+ miles of bike riding shouldn’t be a problem, should it?? :shock: hehehe I’m bringing knitting for the car ride and downtime, and I hope to discover some out-of-the-way LYS with fantastic stuff this weekend! There is an Amish area in the vicinity, and the plan is to slowly go home on Monday, stopping and shopping along the way.


The Elroy-Sparta trail is really nice. It won’t be a hard 20 miles. I can’t remember any LYS in the area, but it’s been about twenty years since I’ve been there. I didn’t knit when I was a teen.

I won’t tell DH where you’re going. He’ll cry. His dad has been a big Rails to Trails developer/promoter for about 30 years, so DH has seen just about every trail in the midwest. E-S is one of his favorites.

Have a great time!

Sara – now I’m even more excited! It sounds really neat – and I look forward to experiencing those tunnels :smiley: . Who knows, maybe I’ll develop another hobby …biking! This is our first full year with the camper in Necedah, WI (about a 3 hr drive from my house in Hebron, IL), so I haven’t had a chance to really explore the area yet. This will be my first “exploring weekend!”


My summer plans have taken a drastic change in the last three weeks.

At the end of July, my boys and I are moving to my hometown, Pensacola, Florida. We are excited, but there is so much to be done first. I am frantically trying to finish all my started projects, so I can start brand new ones when I get there, including the afghan for my bed.

The cool thing is that my house if 10 minutes from the beach, I can be there anytime I want to!! :happydance:

Good luck with moving, Lisa! That’s exciting.