Have u been here?


anyone buy her book before ??? tell me what you think ?

WOW what beautiful stuff :shock: But I can’t imagine what it would cost to knit her stuff. :passedout:

Just say NO!!!

OMG! Knits by Fredericks!

Hmm…I’d pass on that one if I were you. You can probably find more patterns on the internet for free.

Something doesn’t ring true about that site. I’m not sure what, but I got a bad vibe. It was so Informerical!
While I’d say the models shown aren’t to my taste I can see how this would be a tempting offer as there aren’t that many pattern books devoted to seriously sexy hot mama patterns (There is that one book ??? can’t remember the name - but most of the patterns are sized for pre-pubescent girls who should be at home playing with their dollies).

I’d say psammeadred is right - you can probably find more and better on the web for free.