Have to reduce yarn purchases


I was very spoiled for a little while, with the Canadian and US dollars being just about even. I could order from the US (KnitPicks for me) and know that if my total with shipping was (for example) $75, then it would only cost me $75.

Now however, an order for $75 ends up costing me about $88. Once in a while, that’s fine. But I’ve been ordering 2 to 3 times a month, at LEAST $50 each time. If you add $10 each time, it starts adding up!

So I have to either find a Canadian supplier with good prices, or try not to order too often anymore. Or buy from the only store in town here that has yarn. They only have Bernat (which is fine, except there are only about 4 color choices) and Red heart (same thing). No sock yarns here, which is what I’m really into lately.

Do you have stores available to go to? I don’t buy anything that I would have to pay for shipping.

Have you checked out Elann. They are a Canadian company and if you check their extensive bargain bin you can get some good buys. I’ve ordered from them twice and been very happy with the yarn as well as the service. They also have a program for frequent buyers. They also have tons of free patterns.

I’ll check them out, thanks!. I wonder why they didn’t come up on my search. I did find Mary Maxim, but they’re mainly acrylics, although with much more choice than my local store.

Acrylic is fine, but sometimes you just want something…more LOL

I’m in Ontario, Canada. I like ordering from Elann. Nice yarns, great service. Of course, we have to add in the postal costs, which are a tad exorbitant these days in our country.
Good luck with it, let us know how you fare!

Wow…I am with you 100%…I love ordering from Knit Picks…and it is going to get a bit rough for a while…I guess that is to say…it was nice while it lasted…

I just think that you are getting such a bargain from Knit Picks that you should maybe do some math and decide if you might be saving money even with shipping. Compare prices with and without shipping and see. And try the new Imagination sock yarn next time you order. It’s straight from Heaven!

It isn’t really the shipping costs that bother me. It’s the exchange rate from US currency to Cdn currency. Although if I could benefit from KnitPicks free shipping on orders over $50 (which isn’t available to Canada) I’d take the currency exchange LOL

Ah. I see. I hate that for you because they are awesome. I guess we can’t even help with it.

Yeah…I have to say, it does kinda blow…you see all these big signs everywhere saying free shipping over $50 just to find the fine print…

There have been contests like that…I will get all excited about entering a contest (usually in a US mag…like when I was younger ARCHIE comics) just to find out you had to live in the US…even worse is the companies that won’t ship certain items to Canada at all…I believe it was Warner Bros…I had seen some Harry Potter items I really wanted…but they don’t ship the more expensive/heavier items to Canada…sigh

Have you tried Yarn Forward? They are in Toronto – both a “real” store and an online business. www.yarnforward.ca

Funny that YarnForward didn’t come up in my search. I had been on the site before, and I have now bookmarked it. Thank you!