Have to Make Cookies Today - Recipes?

Those do look easy and good. I just have one question. How much is a stick of butter? In Canada, at least where I live, they sell butter/margarine in blocks that are 1/2 Cup each. Are the sticks about the same size?


Yes, a stick is 1/2 cup. Hope you like them. I just finished the last few that I had kept for myself…Yum!

You’re very welcome. They were a big hit at the party, and you’ll have so much fun making them.

BTW I tried the recipe that called for adding 1/3 cup of oil and two eggs to cake mix. I chose Duncan Hines vanilla butter cake and tossed in some chocolate chips. The cookies not only came out great they tasted exactly like Toll House cookies. The whole deal took about ten minutes from package to cookie sheet.