Have to gossip about another forum

I just have to talk about this and I am 99% sure none of them are here so I thought this would be a good place.

So I’m on a MSN board for girls dealing with infertility. It seems that every 6 months they have a meltdown/blow-out and the board is on the verge of collapsing (pretty fun to watch from a distance). This time a few of the girls wanted to add a sub-topic dealing with relationships. IF puts a huge strain on marriages and friendships so this would probably be really helpful.

WELL, the manager has decided that she is not going to do it and people should post their problems on the general board. This simple little thing has blown up and now they are calling the manager a dictator for not listening to “the people”, they are threatening to leave, start a new board etc., etc., etc.

It’s pretty entertaining, I feel better now that I got that out, my very patient DH is tired of hearing about it!

Coming from a veritable smorgasbord of scrapboooking/digital scrapbooking groups, I can tell you that any time you put a bunch of women together you’ll end up with pretty regular meltdowns. (Sorry about the sexism…but I’m a woman and I’ve still found it to be true.) One board I’m on has them about once a month, and Two Peas in a Bucket tends to have a major fight every Thursday. :shrug: That one’s probably more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than anything, I’m guessing.

I was once the cause of a meltdown at a SHAM Forum
Other people had tried to goad the more concervative members of my SAHM group with multiracial gay stranger posts, we all handeled it pretty well, some saying ‘get real’, others saying ‘basic problems are fine here, but goading does not go well, try intorducing yourself’

When my X Died, and I came out to the Group (as no longer being willing to date men), I was BOMBARDED with mail about what the &%@#& was I playing at, and how I was going to #e!!, etc. I stopped going to this online group.
Then one (very concervative) woman I knew IRL saw me at a ski resort with my kids (about 4 years later), and came over and she actually appologised for being a (and I M not kidding) “Pee Pee head” and could we still be friends.

We are friendly now, and her daughter is one of my daughters BEST friends to this day (we still do not agree about a lot of things, but we are friends)


I quit going to my women’s motorcyclist message board because there was one woman who would find fault with everything someone posted. If you even said the sky was blue she’d argue and then twist your words around and around. Ugh, I hated her and left. I don’t need drama online. I’m glad I was not privy to the drama we had here earlier this summer. :ick:

I belong to a group that used to have very regular meltdowns too. It always got worse in an election year. There were a couple of people on there who would say the most offensive things in a “i hate everybody but me” sort of way and there are just some things I can NOT let go. Lost a few “friends” that way too but honestly the were so racist I just couldn’t feel bad about them being gone out of my life.

I have a friend from that group who will, occasionally, tell me he is bored with the group and to go start some drama…lol. It had gotten to the point that it was the only time the group was entertaining. The group had well over 100 people who belonged to it at one time. I would say less than 5 are actually regulars there anymore. (one of them is the biggest offender mentioned previously.)

so… yeah, i am right there with you in the drama being fun when you are able to be outside it. I generally was able to detatch myself from it even when I was part of it because I realized that these people were ignorant and none of it effected my life in any way. :teehee:

I totally know what you are talking about.


I don’t need a forum to have a fight… I have teenagers!


tell me about. i don’t need a forum to fight. its what i do for a living. i don’t need it in a forum. a forum is where i go to escape

DebinOz: :roflhard:

CindyS: Yep, Two Peas Thursday fights are LEGENDARY!:shock:

It seems that every 6 months they have a meltdown/blow-out and the board is on the verge of collapsing…

This describes most (not all) of the female-oriented boards I’ve ever visited.

A while back on a homemaking-type board, someone posted that we should all do a particular thing. Some of us (respectfully) responded that we didn’t like doing that thing. One of the moderators flipped-out and totally went ballistic on the dissenters (she really, really likes doing that thing). Needless to say, I haven’t been back. I mean, get some self-control!!

The older I get, the less I like drama…even watching from a distance. It can be funny, yes, but the fallout usually isn’t worth it, IMO. :slight_smile:

You are so on with this. I completely quit going to the board I frequented when pg with my son for this reason. High school crud from 30-40 year old woman is not fun.

Yep, I used to stay away from Two Peas on Thursdays just because of their notorious explosions! I can imagine that on a board that deals with infertility that tensions would be really high. People are already stressed/hormonally tampered with and any little thing could set off a fire storm!

I participate in a mommies with preschoolers forum, and I shake my head and laugh about the stuff they talk about AND the stuff they fight about.

It seems like there is always one “troll” there who just wants to stir up drama and calls people mean names, sends pms with gossip about everyone else and then “cries” every time someone calls her on it. It’s just plain stupid.

I’ve never been a girl for drama…so it drives me batty sometimes. I hung with boys in high school just I wouldn’t have to deal with girl group stuff.

But I still go back because most of the ladies are nice. Ya just can’t take any of it personally…because it’s not about you. It’s about the DRAMA.



You guys obviously didn’t see the “mal-function” I had here on KHF…a few months back I tried to donate to a charity blog…well, except I asked for a book in return:shrug: boy, did I get the “riot act” read to me…Decided not to “waste my time” here, :waving: but you know what:psst: the good guys (here on this site) out weigh the :poke: :cheering: Cheley