Have some extra wool yarn? Want to have a quick project?

Maybe you have some yarn in colors that you don’t really like? Have ‘bits and pieces’ of different colors of yarn left over? Or maybe you’d love to practice a hat pattern/stitch to see what it looks like?

Well, do I have news for you! Go ahead, get a snack and get comfy… and listen to my tale of woe and hope at the same time.

I have recently ‘torn’ the tendons in my Left thumb… ‘yep, right in the saddle joint.’ That fancy ball and socket like joint that joins the thumb to the hand and enables your thumb to do all sorts of fancy things… like: turn, grab, rotate, move from side to side… and help the right hand knit.

Well, as you can imagine… I can’t knit now. *That’s the tale of woe part. It’s a good thing that I had already started early on my Christmas knitting and actually had finished 2 gifts and had almost finished a third one.

I had also worked off and on during the summer and for the past few weeks knitting hats and scarves to donate to Afghanistan. I managed to knit 7 hats and 3 scarves. I had meant to make more-- :knitting:but, you know the rest, right? And, who knows when I’ll be able to knit again?

Anyway, anyone want to help me out and knit a warm wool (or wool blend) hat and send it to me? I have a military connection in Afghanistan and they go out weekly to donate items to: schools, orphanages, refugee camps and even to the street kids that they encounter. *It’s so cold there- that’s why they need wool if possible.

I know that there is the Afghans for Afghanistan and programs like that… but, these items go straight to those in need and immediately and I’ve been sending a wide assortment of items over for the past few years.

I know that many are busy with gift knitting or their own charity programs that they participate in… but, if anyone is willing to knit a hat-- I’ll appreciate it so much.

Just send me a private message and I’ll send you my mailing address.

IF you have any more questions- just ask.

PS… Gloves or scarves are wonderful to send too- but, I didn’t want to ask for anything that took a lot of time.

THANKS so much!!!

I’ll PM you. :thumbsup:

THANKS SO MUCH! I sent you a message.

Oh, I forgot to mention- that even though… I live in Seoul, South Korea… to mail things to me … costs the same as IF I lived in California. You just have to put the white custom’s form on the box.