Have never read stitch n bitch

But I keep being told how great it is, it’s not in my local bookshop (I like to browse knitting books before I buy). Is it worth ordering off Amazon if I already know how to knit? or are the patterns that fantastic…

I would really recommend you go to the website. You can see pictures of all the patterns. http://www.bust.com/knithappens/ If you really like them, then go for it! Otherwise, don’t bother and put your money on something else! :teehee: I personally like the books but this isn’t the case for everybody.

I’ve leafed through them, but have never really found a good reason to buy them :shrug:

I have Stitch 'n Bitch, but really…I’m not a fan. I’ve read through it, and I did find some sections helpful, but her writing style is seriously over the top, in my opinion. It’s like she tries way too hard to be “trendy” and “hip”. The patterns are cute, but I’ve not made any of them yet. I couldn’t learn to knit from the book, I learned from Amy’s videos. I do keep it around, though, in case I need to refresh my memory about something and don’t have access to a computer. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t buy it for the patterns–too “hip” for my taste (but I’m a bitter middle-aged man).

However, I love this book. I use it as a reference constantly, and I have a lot of other knitting books. I checked out of the library repeatedly before I finally bought my own copy, and I don’t regret it. It’s comparatively inexpensive as knitting books go. :cheering:

i like this book, as well as the sequel, STitch N’ Bitch Nation. If you don’t buy it for the patterns, I would buy it for Debbie Stoller’s writing style. I love the Stitch N’ Bitch books. :wink:

I haven’t read it either. I flipped through it, but wasn’t really excited about it so I put it down. :shrug:

I got them used on Amazon, but Ive never made anything from them. I just like to collect knitting books- bad habit, but I like to look at them, even if I never make a single pattern from them!

I have both of them because my LYS required them for the knitting classes I had taken. I can honestly say I do not like either one of them. There are some things I would consider knitting but not anything I’m dying to do. Now I just learned to crochet and I really like the Happy Hooker book but I don’t want to waste money on another SNB. Just my 2 cents!


I have them but have never read them cover to cover. I think she’s got some good explanations and handy bits of information but like others, I’ve never made any of the patterns–most are not my taste. I enjoy her writing style and I often laugh outloud when reading something she writes.

I liked SnB—not so much as a knitting project book, but as a techniques knitting book.
I bought copy of SnB along with Melville’s Knit Stitch book when I decided to teach myself how to knit. I found the patterns in the Knit Stitch book more fashionable, although all garter stitch. However, if willing to weed through the verbiage, SnB explains many techniques well. The patterns for me were not a hit outside of the two bags, but as gifts for a younger crowd, the patterns work well. I can’t knock a book that provides projects that even the most fashion discerning teen, or boybarian in my life is willing to wear or use.

Also, I loved how they illustrated reading your knitting. I could not figure that out for the longest. Then one day recently, as I knitted & purled, those funny illustrations in SnB popped into mind as I discovered what a purl & knit stitch looked like–you know the noose vs the scarf–well, maybe you don’t. But I can read my knitting now like I could do so from birth. And I have not read through SnB in over a year.

If you have the money, invest in the Sally Melville trio, and check SnB out from the library.

Don’t waste your time. The so-called instructions on how to knit are so cartoony you can’t tell what’s going on. I got this book in late 2003 and attempted many times to learn to knit and didn’t get it until many books, knitting friends, and websites later, in Feb. 2006! Plus like others have said, she tries too hard to be hip. She acts like she’s the greatest person on earth because she wrote a knitting book.

The only thing I’d consider making from that book is the blue cardigan sweater with the green floofy trim…but I sold my copy on Amazon, so that idea was thrown out the window. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all! I guess I prob wont bother unless I get it cheap second hand - only some of the patterns looked like stuff I would bother making and I’ve already got a reference book I learned from as a child (really 80’s usborne book of knitting - full of leg warmers etc) V. Basic but it refreshes the memory - I’m afraid I don’t really like fussy patterns - I prefer the look of more classic styles…

I was wondering about this book myself, and after reading all the replies I think I’m going to see if the library has it, but I’m not going to bother purchasing it. I have my eye on a book about decorative borders by Nicky Epstein so I need to save my money anyway. :mrgreen:
Thanks for the info!