Have I made a mistake in my yarn choice?

I started a pattern I’ve been itching to do for a while today - it’s the Reaverse Star Edition (basically, slipper socks that look like Converse shoes). I thought I’d found the perfect yarn, colour/gauge wise, to do them as a gift for a friend - basically, I’m going for a sort of alternative Steampunk colour scheme, and have the upper sock part look like Verdigris (oxidizing copper) rather than copper/brass as most metal in Steampunk is. The top part will be Scheepjes River Washed XL (Severn), the soles Cascade 220 Pumpkin Spice and the other details will be in copper/brown variegated yarn I found in my stash.
Now, my issue is, while this yarn is perfect for the look I’m after, it’s cotton with an acrylic mohair fuzz and I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up over time. Is it going to stretch out of shape forever with wear? I’ve done about 15 rounds of the first sock.
Would you keep going? If I started again with different yarns, would 2 DK yarns or a strand of DK and fingering or 4 ply held together still work like an Aran weight yarn? Or even copper Aran with a green mohair/vice-versa?
They’ll be a Christmas present so there’s no rush, at least!

Cotton is notorious for stretching by itself but the cotton/acrylic blend may be more stable. Best way to tell is to make a swatch, measure then wash and re-measure.
Two strands of DK, depending on the yarn will come close to aran or a heavy worsted. Other combinations might work too but you’d have to try them out.

Thanks, salmonmac, I already ducked out of using that particular yarn for the slipper socks anyway (got too paranoid lol), have already made a dish cloth instead with the yarn I frogged, but thanks for the yarn combination tip! I got Caron Simply Soft in mint blue and Debbie Bliss Angel lace mohair in rust as a carry along yarn, as a replacement - I like the colours much better and it feels a lot easier to knit, too, so win-win!

Sounds good. I’ve used Simply Soft for many projects and like working with it and the way it holds up. Love to see a photo when you finish.

I’ll be sure to post one!