Have I got myself into a pickle? Yes - Again!

Thank you for all the help I’ve been getting with my booties, its hard to believe something so small can cause so many problems!

But they have yet again, stumped me beyond belief.

I have 19 stitches on the needle which is correct.
The next part says:

 K14 and turn***
 P9 and Turn

Am I not missing stitches off these rows then though?[/color]

 Work 10 Rows in stst, on centre 9sts. Break off Yarn.

[color=red]What about the other stitches?[/color]

 ****with RS Facing, pick up and K8 st evenly up side of instep

[color=red]Pick up?[/color]

 K across 9 st of instep and K8 st evenly down side of instep then K across rem 5 st.

 Knit 7 Rows.

Am I missing something here? I don’t get what all these things are.

no just ignore the extra stitches on your needles. it will make sense as you carry on. you are creating the heel and instep there.

watch Amy’s video on picking up stitches. you can do eeeeeeeeet!

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Jag kanske kan hjälpa” = “I might be able to help”

I don’t know the exact pattern you’re using but I’ll try to help nayways. It sounds a lot like sock construction…

Yes you are. And that is correct. You will have five “unworked” stitches on each side of those 9 stitches you just purled.

Leave them 'til later. If it feels awkward on the needles put them om waste yarn or thread a circular through them and keep the cable part behind the heel flap you’re knitting.

See what Amy is doing about 4:20 intothis video? She picks up stitches along the edge of the stockinette part that you just knit.

(Looking at the entire video might be helpful for you!)

The five stitches they are talking about here are the five stitches you left unworked after having purled your first row on the heel part.

Hope this helped!

Wow - answers to my questions, motivational talks AND Swedish lessons!!!

Who could ask for more!

Thank you - I am going to attempt this this evening with a bottle of plonk and a good movie.

I know I’ll be back after this because the I think the next part of the pattern may break me too! :roflhard:

I shall let you know how it goes!

Hmm - kind of still stuck. That video shows the sock created on 3 DPN’s, but I’m working on 2 straight needles. :pout:

Do I still try to follow those instructions on the straight needles? :frog:

yeah picking up stitches is about the same no matter what kind of needles you are using.

Ok - We’re getting there…

I’m up to:

Work 10 Rows in stst, on centre 9sts. Break off Yarn.

****with RS Facing, pick up and K8 st evenly up side of instep

I’ve done the 10 rows of stst - but why do I break off the yarn? and where/how do I put it back?

If I don’t break off the yarn then I can’t pick up the stitches with the RS facing.

If I do break off the yarn - I don’t get how to add the yarn back again.

Sorry for being a dolt. :pout: :oops:

add it like you are adding a new color.

But the next step is picking up stitches - can I add it like that? to add a new color I’d normally knit the 2 strands together for 3 stitches to hold it in place.

Won’t it unravel if I do that?

I think I’m going to owe you guys a pair of socks after this! :wall:

nah you will be fine…leave yourself a good tail to weave in. what i tend to do is pick up the tail when i come back around and knit a few stitches with it essentially weaving it in that way. it isn’t perfect of course, because there is about three stitches that are a little thicker, but i don’t care…lol…any time i can avoid weaving in later i will.

the stitch will feel a bit loose but after you come back around and knit it will be better…and if you do it the proper way (not like i said above…lol) and weave it in later really well you don’t have to worry about the unraveling.


Sending lots of Virtual Choccies



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WOOHOO!!! The Communal Bootie, as it should be called, is complete with a lot of help from you guys!!! It just needs seaming along the bottom and the back now - but thats the easy bit.

The bit that I thought was the heel (and looked nothing like a heel) was actually the toe, and makes perfect sense now :teehee:

Thank you soooooooo much!!!

Its actually too small - I think the yarn was too thin (trying to use up odds and ends) but I’ll do the other in the same size and donate it to a hospital for a preemie if it doesn’t fit the recipient.

I’m gonna do a few pairs of these in different Yarns and sizes so I have a stash of booties as presents.

Now I know what I’m doing it seems reeeeally easy.

I cannot express enough gratitude for helping me keep my cousinletts tootsies toasty warm!


:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

glad to hear it. it is the seaming part that i hate! the first time i made a pair of booties i thought the toe was the heel too and i was NOT understanding how that was going to work…lol

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Don’t feel bad about asking so many questions! I haven’t even begun my first bootie, but I am bookmarking this thread for later reference. So helpful!