Have I gone off the deep end?

I just made a knitting video to help my BFF learn how to pick up sts and then kfb. While I was setting up the camera and tripod, my husband said, “You’ve gone off the deep end…” I think not!!! I am just trying to spread the love…This past Aug I taught her how to knit while I was visiting her in Houston. She found the pattern for the Latifa Scarf on Knitty.com and we are doing a KAL. She said she couldn’t figure out how to pick the sts for the ruffle so I did what any BFF would do I showed her how. :knitting:

I remember when I was trying to figure out how to pick up sts while knitting my 1st log cabin. I just couldn’t figure it out, even with the awesome vids here at KH. I finally did get it thanks to everyone’s pictures posted, but it took a bit.

So no, I haven’t gone off the deep end!!! Right?

No Way!!! Who better then you to know how your friend thinks and learns, and how to show her the best way she will ‘get it.’

You are a good friend…and definatly not off the deep end!!

Deep end?..Noooooooo, not unless you forget to share it with us, too:psst:

you are the best kind of BFF to have!!

Good for you! So nice to have the modern equipment that allows a person to do something like this for a friend. In the old days you would have been out of luck. This is not “off the deep end”, this is using your resources. :slight_smile:

If you are off the deep end, you have lots of company, and off the deep end is the place to be.

Good for you! I’m glad you have this to share with BFF. Enjoy!

Sure wish I had a friend like you!

Sorry - but what does “BFF”, “KAL” mean


Best friend forever and knit along.
And we’re all waay past the deep end. We’re miles off shore!

With no intention to brag, I will say I am extremely intelligent, a fast study, and good with my hands. That being said, there are some things I simply can’t get until I see it done, and I need to see it in just the right way that makes sense to me.

You know your friend, so you know best how to translate skills in a way that will make most sense to her. The only deep end you jumped into is the great friend pool. :muah: