Have I been doing the Purl or Knit?

I just started knitting about four days ago…I bought a knitting kit that brings a how to book, needles, etc… (and a Crocheting kit as well! I’ll start that one once I’ve got knitting down) I’ve been trying to follow the book and I’ve been looking at videos but I just can’t seem to get the purl stitch right. It’s driving me insane! Now, I have been practicing the knit stitch for days and I thought “Hey. I’m not that bad” but now I think I’ve been doing the purl stitch instead and not the knit stitch!!! I’m so confused! Can someone please help? [/B]

It’s easiest to figure that out for you if you watch the video. Go to the video tab at the top of the page and click the knit one then the purl one and watch them.

You can also see still photos here (and videos) as well.

[B]Here are pics of what I’ve been doing…what is it?[/B]

That’s garter stitch. The back of a knit st is a purl, the back of a purl stitch is a knit. When you knit all sts (or purl all stitches) you’re going to get garter. If you stretch out your piece, you’ll be able to see the knit sts, but the backs of them from the rows on the other side are more predominant. You’re doing fine, if you alternate one row of all knits with one row of all purls, you get stockinette stitch, which is what people see on sweaters and think of as a ‘knit’ stitch.

[B]Okay I’ll Look at the videos again…but I was thinking that maybe im going about the positioning of the needles the wrong way…If i start with my stitches on my left needle and knit stitch across to my right needle, do i turn my right needle over to my left hand or do i take my empty left needle and start the knit stitch again from there?[/B]

[B]SuzeeQ: Thanks! Okay so I’ve got the garter stitch down…all the bumps that are showing are the purl stitches right?[/B]

As you work, either knitting or purling a row, the needle that holds the stitches is in your left hand (for 98% of people :slight_smile: ), you hold the empty needle in your right hand, we call that the working needle. Work the stitches off the left hand needle onto the right hand needle. When you get to the end of a row exchange the needles in your hands so that the needle holding the stitches is again in your left hand and the empty needle is in your right hand. Start the next row.

Right, unless knit very loosely on purpose, garter stitch ‘shrinks up’ so all you see are the backsides of those knit stitches from the other side which are purls. If you stretch out your piece lengthwise, you’ll see the hidden knit sts.

:woot: Jenknits…I just want to say that you’re doing extremely well considering you’ve only been knitting for four days! Your stitches look very even and your tension looks great. Of course, the more you practice, the better your fabric will look, but I think it looks very nice for such a beginner. You should be proud of yourself!

I agree!!! :cheering:

Keep at it Jen! You’ll have knitting down in no time. Your stitches are very nice and even. Good for you! :yay:


Yeah, that is really nice work especially when you have only been doing it for four days now… It has taken me weeks to get to about the same place, but I have learned a couple of new things I was doing wrong. Good luck with your pieces.

[B][COLOR=“Teal”]Thanks to all who said I’m doing a good job…its really nice to hear…I’ve actually been practicing all the stitches Im finding like the seed stitch, ribbing, Stockinette,etc…
Im thinking of making my first project a scarf…but there are so many different types to choose from!!![/COLOR][/B]