Have hat picture, need pattern

Any ideas on how to do something like this reversible hat? I am willing to experiment, but need help getting started.


That kinda looks like you would knit a hat on smaller needles and then knit above the brow (is that the right word?) with bigger needles and a different color. I suppose you could pick up stitches and work with it or you could just sew it on. Hmmmm… that’s interesting.

I think somebody here, maybe KellyK, knit a hat with a provisional cast on for the brim and then picked up from that provisional CO and knit another hat to make a double thick one? :thinking:

Although I have extremely limited crochet knowledge, those do look more crocheted than knit to me, but I think you could try that double thick method using lace patterns.

ETA – I did find it!


It is crocheted.

Maybe you could cast on provisionally, then make a stockinette hat, and maybe for the other hat you could find a lacey pattern?

I do like those crocheted hats though…

I did a reversible hat last year, too. I cast on provisionally, knit a hat, and the picked up the stitches around the bottom and knit another hat, basically. It was stockinette, though. Those are crocheted, but I suppose you could do the same with knitting.