Have any of you read The Davinci Code before?

I didn’t find the book was very well written, and English is my second language. :shrug: I didn’t hate or loved it, but I would say it’s a “page turner” kind of book. Good to read on a rainy weekend when you have nothing else to do. :teehee:

I think what bugged a lot of people is that there is a mention in the beginning of the book that all historical and scientific elements are “facts”. Well turns out it’s not exactly true. Some stuff are facts, some other stuff is just bad research, and other stuff is complete fiction, and it’s not always easy for the reader to distinguish between all that. I think it’s better to take the whole thing as fiction, and to verify for yourself if you are interested in some particular elements of the book.

I must say I don’t really understand why it became such a best seller, the research he had to do for the book is very basic (a high school student could have done a better job) and the writing isn’t great. :shrug:

I agree. I found it to be a total waste of time. There was no character development except the Albino who, because of this, was the only character I had any simpathy for. Although it moved very quickly I also found it to be poorly written. The only thing I found worse than the book was the movie. If you get it for free give it a go but don’t waste your money on buying it.

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I read The DaVinci Code first, then Angels and Demons, and I liked Angels and Demons more, too. I liked both books. I didn’t mind the movie, even though I don’t really care for Tom Hanks.

I liked both the Davinci Code and the other book, Angels and Demons. Not the best writing ever, but the stories were good and both were quick reads. I didn’t see the movie.

I liked both the Davinci Code and the other book, Angels and Demons. Not the best writing ever, but the stories were good and both were quick reads. I didn’t see the movie.

I liked the book :shrug: … I’m not a person that looks deeply into each word or sentence that is written, I just read a book or watch a movie for entertainment.

To me it was a fun story that kept me intrigued. Horses for courses :shrug:

Okay, thanks for the information guys! :notworthy:
I think I’ll also check for the other books that you guys talked about, and maybe decide which ones to read. :wink:

Dan Brown’s Guide On How Not To Write An English Sentence

The man is either lazy or an idiot

Pretty well sums it up for me. I can’t enjoy a book that is so poorly written or researched. Even fiction has to be properly researched to be good. It certainly must be written well.

I enjoyed the book and his “Angel and Demons” as well. I got the illustrated version. The movie does the book no justice.


It’s a quick and entertaining read. Predictable and unrealistic, but fun.

Angels and Demons was better, although equally unrealistic.

I loved the book - after I read it - I lent it to everyone I work with and they all loved it too…

I saw the movie in September and had a hard time following it (I was watching it on a cruise) but a few weeks ago we rented it and I watched it again and really enjoyed it this time.

So maybe I am in the minority here… but JMHO


If you want a REALLY good book to read, pick up “Marley and Me”. Another great one (if you can find it in a library) is “Be True To Your School” by Bob Greene…also “And You Know You Should Be Glad” by Bob Greene. Actually, pretty much any book by Bob Greene is VERY well written. “Once Upon A Town” is a great story of a little town where the trains carrying troops in WW2 from coast to coast stopped, and how the townspeople set up a canteen. Very inspiring, as is “Duty”. This guy is an awesome writer - and the vast majority of his stuff comes from real life.

:rofl: I have to laugh, because I’ve always considered myself a book snob, but I really enjoyed it! I was an English major, and I’m almost always disappointed with modern fiction because it’s all just sex and swearing. While DaVinci’s not significant literature, I found it entertaining.

I, too, preferred Angels and Demons, but I liked the main character enough to enjoy DaVinci. Obviously, Dan Brown’s confused if he thinks it’s historically accurate, but at least the premise required some intelligence. I love historical fiction, though. Just my two cents!

Oh, and I hated the movie. Tom Hanks, love him, was all wrong for the character and they ended up changing many of the book’s details. It bummed me out in general.

loved the book! couldnt put it down… got annoyed at people on the train asking me “do you like it, i’ve heard so much about it” i was like… let me READ IT… hahah

gave it to my guitar player… who LOVED IT (and he doesnt really read much, i just knew it would be up his alley)

my dh also read it…

saw the movie… what a HUGE YAWN
its so much more interesting w/the historical references in the book…
if your catholic scensibilites (if you’re catholic) will be offended… you might not enjoy the book… i found myself terribly intriqued by the concept.

I found it to be a moderately entertaining diversion from flying from Florida to Alaska over the holidays a year or so ago. However it was too overwritten for me to consider picking up one of his books again. Well, actually I did pick up Angels and Demons, but when he got into a mach-15 experimental jet for some inpromptu meeting within the first ten pages, I pretty got nauseous and put it right back down.

I feel this way about all of Dan Brown’s books…I hated it from about the second page and it has nothing to do with the story. I just didn’t find it to be very well written.