Have addi needls and looking for yarn

I have some

addi 4 inch double points…US 0, 1, 2, & 3 $10.00 per set

Addi 8 inch US2 $7.00

I LOVE my addi circs so I wanted to try their double points. They dont work for me so I would like to try to resell them.

I am looking for some Kroy Sock yarn in black (coal). I make my husbands socks for work and this is the only color he wants(yawn). So if anyone knows of a sale somewhere, let me know. Ive done searches so I know its around $5ish dollars a skein right now. I was hoping for something cheaper than that. Last time I bought a supply of a 10 skein bag at a discounted price. Would be great if I could find something like that now.


Joann’s has it on sale on their website (4.49 a skein). I dont’ know if you get their mailers or not, but you can use the coupons in them on the website.