Have a twist in my knit-pls help!

I’m currently working on a sock in merino wool. In st st, I find that I get one half of a lovely vee, but the other half is twisted, so that I have a ridge going the length of the sock in every stitch. I will say that I could call it a design modification and let it go, but it isn’t supposed to happen and it is driving me crazy. I don’t have a twist when I use thicker yarn. I make mittens and scarves that are just fine. My first project ever was a sweater done in microspun and that twisted the same way, but the picture of it in the magazine seemed to have the same twist. I thought it was okay. I’m left handed, but I was taught to knit English style by a knitting guild member and now I have learned Continental on this site. I started this stupid sock English, ripped it out and started over Continental, there is no difference in my twist from either method. Is this just the nature of finer yarns? Am I doing wrong by knitting the yarn out of the skein, should it be rolled into a ball first? Can anyone help me? I asked my husband to bring a digital camera home from work tomorrow, if you think I need to post pics. I’m so unhappy… :crying:

Ok, it’s certainly not because of the skein. Since your working in the round, you knit every stitch, right?
When you knitted that sweater, did you also just used the knit stitch?
It can be that you make a Twisted Knit Stitch. But actually a picture would help a lot(I haven’t found a good one online).

Yes, a picture would help a lot … :thinking:

I can’t get my picture to attach. It won’t allow .spp files, so this is going to take awhile for me to figure out. :??

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