Hats! Socks! Gloves! Needed for a dude on his bicycle!

I’ve been running around in circles trying to make the PERFECT hat for my bf, tailored specifically to his needs and tastes and whatnot. He was a bike messenger for a while, now he works a different job, but he still rides his bike (about 6 miles – UPHILL the entire way here) to my house just about every day and he’s just the best friend I’ve ever had and … anyway.

So I want to make him hats that cover his ears but don’t impede vision, gloves that are warm but where he still can grip his handlebars well, scarves that won’t tangle up in his wheels or blow in front of his face and blind him in city traffic, etc, the whole lot of winter “protect me from the cold while I’m on my bike” kind of stuff.

I myself don’t really ride, so I only can think of what he’s told me. Take care of the hands face and ankles and it’s a hell of a good ride.

I guess what I’m asking is, if anyone here is a biker, or knows and/or knits for a biker, please advise!! Specific patterns, general tips, suggestions for TYPES of gear, or something you would find appealing specifically because of features that help while you’re exposed to that bitter cold air on the road!


An earflap hat like this might work. Just make sure that you don’t try to add too much of a tassel or ball at the top, because it needs to fit under his helmet.

Any gloves knit tightly with a thin yarn should work. Just make sure that they’re not mittens. Does he wear fingerless padded bike gloves? If so, you’ll need to plan for the warming gloves to fit under or over his bike gloves.

Lastly, I suggest you stay completely away from a scarf. At the most, a neckwarmer might do. Maybe something like this or this?

Biggest tip: whatever you choose, make sure you knit tightly. Most knit items don’t do much to block the wind, and that’s likely his biggest enemy. If you’re comfortable with it, maybe some double-knit or stranded work might help to help thicken up the fabric.

Those earflap hats are great! And the second neck warmer pattern looks like a winner too!

Thanks again!

I made these for my dad, who is also an avid biker:


My one tip is to use finer yarn than the pattern calls for because otherwise the helmet will fit a little too snugly over them.

Headband-style earwarmers are also very good for bikers.

Also, maybe you can make a pair of “lobster” mittens which have two large fingers instead of four small ones.

Good luck!


I made these for my dad (a motorcyle driver) and dh who bikes to
work everyday!

Libbie :slight_smile: