Hats in the round/switching colors

Hi, Everyone,
I’m almost done with a little hat knitted in the round with a pattern that required changing of colors. Now that the pattern part is done, I see that this area of the hat is quite thick. I realize I can’t use intarsia because there is no pearl side. But it seems like the way I did it isn’t great. I’m wondering if there is another way to do this. The hat has 3 scottie dogs marching around, so the pattern is basically 3 areas where there is a lot of black used and a little of the background color.

I welcome suggestions.

If I understand you correctly, you stranded the 2 colors across the back of your work? That will be thicker than you think, no matter what. A little press with a steam iron will flatten it out, but don’t flat-out iron it. Stranding is supposed to be thicker. But, it will be very warm on whoever wears it.

Yes, I stranded it across the back and it sure will be warm. Do you think there is any other way to do this type of design without so much stranding on a circular needle?

You could do intarsia, but work back and forth up to the end of that section and in the round for the rest of the hat. You’ll have a partial seam.

You could Swiss darn the design in. What Ingrid suggested would probably be much easier, and look better in the long run, but you’d have a seamline on the inside of the hat, which might be uncomfortable to the wearer.

I’m afraid I don’t understand how I’d do the pattern on straight needles and the hat on a circular. There are 3 areas in the hat where I’d need this. Ouch!

I pictured the dogs around the edge. You could knit the whole hat flat.:shrug:

That might be a solution. Do you think I can take the same pattern and instead of circulars, use straight? Or do I need to find another pattern?

I think you could use the same pattern, just turn and purl when you would begin a new round.