Hats for operation christmas child shoeboxes

These are my main passion. I’ve only as yet learnt plain knitting, these make for good practice!

Wow! What beautiful hats! What pattern and yarns do you use?

Thank you!I’m pleased with them - no 2 hats are ever the same…

i use double knitting wool - i think americans call it worsted weight yarn…?(i’m english)

the red and variegated wool is done in single rib al the way.

the stripy ones are 100 stitches cast on in 3.25mm, worked in rib for 4ins, then stocking stitch and 4mm needles till 6ins long, then decrease by k8, k2 tog,purl a row,k7, k2 tog till there’s 21 sts left, then k2 tog acorss, draw thread through rem sts, and sewed up in backstitch. very easy!i use that all the time

Those are wonderful hats!

[SIZE=1]I fixed your link for you. ;-)[/SIZE]

Those really are pretty hats. I need to sit down and actually learn how to do one, but I’m usually too busy running around starting new projects. :ick:

What a great idea:cheering:. Those look great. I have started knitting washcloths for Operation Christmas Child. I think I will take a break and start some hats.

I love them! Nice cause, too.

Wow! What a cool idea! I hadn’t thought of knitting stuff for the shoeboxes. DUH!

Thanks for the idea and those hats are so neat! They look like a lot of love and care went into them.