Hats for Navy Officers

Hats for Navy Officers

I’ve posted this in the Charity section but someone suggested that I post it here with the hopes of getting more of a response.

I have been knitting hats for soldiers (specifically helmet liners) for a few years and this year I would like to knit simple hats or touques for navy officers.

Does anyone know of any organizations that services the Navy within Canada or the US; or if they have a contact that they can connect me with. The hats I’ve knit so far are a simple k2, p2 ribbed hat in navy blue.

As with any work done for the troops, this is not a political campaign so regardless of how we may feel about the war, it’s about helping out the men and women who are out there and risking their lives.

I would hate to think that only the soldiers are getting hats and the seamen are being left out!

If you know of anything or can direct me to someone, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


Have you tried the USO (United Service Organization) they might be able to help.


Operation Gratitude.com They send packages to Iraq, Afghanistan, Navy ships etc. here in the US and all over the world. I’ve made hats and scarves for the past 3 yrs.


Well thank you ladies! I knew this would be the place to get the best responses from. It seems I have a few to choose from which is great because I always knit more than I anticipate, and I don’t think they ever have too many hats to distribute among the men and ladies in the Navy.

I will assume that navy blue yarn is ok (and I hope so) because I just purchased a whole bin full of wool navy yarn on eBay to make the hats with. If anyone knows any different, please let me know but I will look into the websites given here for further info too and pass it along.


Navy blue would be the correct color. I was Navy myself.

One question. Why just officers?

Not just officers…basically whomever needs them…I figured it’s a place to start at the very least. Very cool that you knit!!! I’ve heard of men knitting before but have never known one…other than my Dad who had to learn to knit when he was in the Navy but then never did again and so he does not remember how.