Hating the M1 on bamboo needles!

:gah:I am working on my first pair of toe up socks, and normally I really like my bamboo dpns for their “staying power” ya know? But its like pulling teeth to do an M1!!! Picking up the bar in between is fine, but to insert the right needle thru the back look to knit it is frustrating to say the least!

Its getting a little better now that I’m getting a little further from the cast on row. But it still takes alot of patience and concentration to actually complete it. Wish I had options dpns, I think this would help. :shrug:

Any suggestions on making it easier? Aside from buying new needles that is.

Thanks for letting me vent, lol!

Use a cable needle to pick your stitch up and knit it off of there onto your dpn. I do that all the time when I get frustrated with trying to pick up stitches to M1 or for whatever reason I may have to pick up a stitch. I have the Brittany Birch Cable needles http://www.carodanfarm.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/product367.html and they work wonderfully for this sort of thing!

Thats a great idea! I’m so uncreative, lol!

necessity is not the mother of invention. Total and absolute frustration is! :slight_smile:

I have knitted loads of socks and only tried bamboo DPN’s
the once and had a bit of a struggle…So it’s the metal one’s for me every time. x