Confused…I’ve casted on 70 sts, placed marker and joined. I’m suppose to knit until the hat is 10 inches long. then start decreasing. After about 5 inches I noticed the hat is getting wider. It was 24 inches round and is now around 40. Am I supposed to join at the end of each row?

:?? When you join for circular knitting, you do it once on the first row and then knit round and round on the same number of stitches until it’s time to decrease.

What have you been doing?

Could you have accidentally picked up some stitches or done yarn overs too? It’s a common thing for new knitters (see topic at the top of this forum). Do you still have 70 stitches?

Also what yarn are you using? Some are notorious for stretching as well.

I’m using Rowan “big wool” yarn. I’m going to start again… this time I’ll mark every 10 sts and count at the end of each row. Thanks