Hat would you do

I have a decission that i must mae and its a huge one. life altering either way.

OK, choices are. move to england or stay in france.

I’m a single parent with a 4 year old son. his father decided never to now him (my sons gain).

reasons for staying in france. can make some money and not have to work. be at home for my son when ever he wants me, not around work.

reasons for going to england. i can wor and earn money, not be with my family all the time that mae me and my son unhappy. be able to take me son places like the park.
on the very basic deails i’ve given, what would you do please?


Speaking as a Englander, I would recommend you and your son come over here for a holiday type thing in the district you’re interested in living in. See what your money will get you, check out the schools, see the hospitals etc. You can only make an informed decision when you know more about this foreign land.

Personally I would move. You’d have the distance from your non-loved family, but with the Channel if they need you (or vice versa). Where are you planning on moving to?


i am english, it would be returning home lol, sorry should have said that.

i would go to milton keynes, where i lived before and have friends. i know the hospitals are good there (i was a horse rider so check them out far to often lol). schools seemed ok as well.
i know when i was working i could have affored to rent a flat and have a good social life, so i fuger cut out the social life then thats what my son would cost me lol.

i know the area well, it would be going home.

i do love my family very much, but feel distance would be a better option. but i won’t be able to afford to buy my son the nice things or send him to a private school like i could if i stayed.
oh i am terrible at deciding what to wear let alone a life changing thing like this lol


A private school will probably not matter as much to your son at his age as much as knowing you love him. The key thing I think is if you’re unhappy where you are, and you have the finances avalible, move.

Your son is 4 and will be starting school soon, if he hasn’t already. This would be the time to make a big move like this - let him do all his schooling under either the British or the French system. Given that, I think you need to look at what would be best for YOU. My sisters who stay at home with their kids will often call each other because they need an adult to talk to - just about anyone would do, as long as they’re not asking for juice or getting into a fight or… It sounds to me like you’re looking forward to getting out of the house and finding a way to work. I’d move to England.

It’s hard to make a change, for sure. Speaking from experience, it’s much nicer to be happy and have fewer things than to have those things and be miserable. Good luck with your decision.

I think even though you are English or know England well ( didn’t understand which, sorry!), I’d still think a visit to look round Milton Keynes would be a good idea. Parts of England have changed a lot in the last few years, for example the part of Norwich I live in has had a mass influx of people from Eastern Europe, I can walk the length of my street and not hear English spoken at all…this doesn’t bother me, but it is definitely a change, and I think it pays to investigate things before you make the big move.

You could always look up the OFSTED reports online for the local schools you are interested in to give you an idea of areas in Milton Keynes you might like to live in.

Good luck with your decision making


thank you all, it is great to get some advise from non bias people.

i am moving back, decission is made as of tonight.

a friend has offered me her spare room to rent for me and my son until i get the money to get a place for ourselves.

Where i am moving to has changed, but it was cahnging as i was there, all for the better.

so fingers crossed next month the move goes acording to plan. just get to tell my parents now. that shoud be fun, not lol

thanks again