Hat with lower point pattern

Hi, I’m trying to make this hat for a friend of mine, I thought I could figure it out but I can’t seem to…
Hat image
hat 2
hat 3

as I am quite aware, since its a cartoon their clothing doesn’t abide by normal laws of physics and the like. However I feel like this hat can be made, whats tripping me up is the location of the tip, its lower in the back ( not centered) so each hat I’ve attempted to make doesn’t look quite right because I have more of a center tip that just droops… I almost feel it needs to be knit like a sock to allow for that turn…
I have no idea how to go about this.

If anyone has any similar pattern or just the know how on how to lower the tip of the hat, I’d appreciate your help greatly. I have till november 14th to get it and the coat seen in the first image done for her and I’m starting to get nervous at all the hats I’ve frogged so far…

Thank you!

You could definitely use short rows in the front, above the pink pattern, to help you get the curve and a longer front area. I would use about a third of the total stitches for the short rows.