Hat with Intarsia Picture

Bare with me…I’m a somewhat inexperienced knitter. I really want to make this hat

but have never used two colors with the exception of stripes. I’m pretty sure it’s intarsia, right? But it doesn’t look like the easiest project to learn on. Is it possible to use duplicate stitch for that many stitches or do I really need to bite the bullet and do it the “right” way?

It is or should be intarsia and intarsia is knit flat then seamed. There really don’t seem to be instructions for the hat itself it’s just the chart so no, this is not a good one to learn on IMO. However you can use duplicate stitch if you want to, but it looks like a lot of work and may not come out the way you want with that much area to cover.

I suggest learning as two separate lessons. Learn to make a basic hat and learn to do intarsia then see if you can combine them if you want. Maybe someone else has some ideas that’ll work for you, too.

I pretty much know how to do a hat. Am using a simple beanie pattern with a ribbed edge that I’ve made before. But it’s knitted in the round…can you even do intarsia in the round?

Well, not really. True intarsia is knit flat. Fair Isle is usually knit in the round, but can also be done flat. I think the problem if you do an intarsia pattern more like fair isle is that the yarn sometimes shows through the base color which looks odd and messy.

So maybe if I find a hat that I can knit flat and then seam? I was thinking I could make it with just the solid grey and then duplicate stitch this inside black? Geeze, maybe it’s not worth it. LOL. Thank you for your help, though!!!

I don’t think it would be hard to take your knit in the round hat and knit it flat.

Just cast on your 75/whatever stitches and instead of joining, knit back and forth. You know to knit 1 row/purl 1 row to get stockinette instead of knit each round. Maybe cast on 1 or 2 extra stitches for the seam up the back. Maybe even join in the round when you get to the decreasing for the top becuase by then your autobot picture should be about finished.

Thank you! I think that’s what I’m going to try :slight_smile:

Yay! I did it and it didn’t turn out too bad. The only problem ended up being that the symbol was too big for the hat but other than that. I just used intarsia for a solid grey face shape and then duplicate stitched the black onto the face. It W-A-S a lot of work but at least it looks nice :slight_smile: Thanks to both of you for the help!

Turned out Great!!