Hat with elongated stitch

I am looking for a pattern. Know where one is? And it has to be free!

Not exactly sure what you mean by an elongated stitch?:shrug:

Are you trying to make a hat to match a scarf - can we see the scarf? Might be able to easily modify any hat pattern in the right guage if we can see what look you’re after.

Probably a drop stitch - wrap the yarn around the needle twice in each stitch, then drop one of the wraps on the next round/row.

That’s what I thought too, but it could be a slipped stitch pattern, too, where same st is slipped for a couple of rows/rounds…:shrug:

Oh that makes sense too.

I am knitting a scarf now and do want to make a hat to match. If you go under the patterns section on this site, it is the third picture down on the right side. I am knitting 6 rows and then doing one row of the elongated stitches, wrapping the yarn 4 times and then just knitting the first wrap when I come back around and letting the remaining fall off the needle. I am fairly new to knitting, so I don’t grasp making my own patterns yet. Thanks for your help!

I haven’t seen a hat pattern like that, unfortunately. I think because it would be too open

Maybe you could take a hat like this (also found on the pattern page here under Hats) and add in your yarn over rows. But I don’t think it would work if you wrapped th yarn around 4 times like the scarf. Maybe 2 might work for the hat. I agree w/Sue - it’d be too open and therefore floppy.

There’s actaully a video of an elongated stitch on this site.

http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/learn-to-knit - scroll down and look at the right hand side