Hat with bulky yarn

I want to make a hat for my 4 year old daughter using a bulky yarn. gauge is 15 sts =4 " using sze 10 needles.
i measures her head and it measures 19 1/2 ". so that gives me around 75 sts. would that be fine doing a ribbing of some sort for a few inches and then st st until decreasing? or does it sound like it will be too big? should I CO 65 and then increase 10 when i get to the final ribbing row?
this is my first time not using a pattern and i want to try it but i’m little nervous.

First, see if [B]you[/B] get 15 sts/4", you might be tighter or looser. Hats are generally knit about 1-2" less than the head size because they’re stretchy, so you might aim for 18" or a little more. If you do get the same gauge 75 sts would be 20" and way too large. You want an even number of sts - divisible by 2 for 1x1 rib, or 4 for 2x2 rib. Knit the ribbing for a couple inches, then switch to stockinette. The ribbing should be stretchy enough that you don’t need to increase sts for the hat part.