Hat with 3 needle bind off (again)

Okay this is my second hat done with circular needles. Now I believe last time I did learn to bind off with the 3 needle method.

I need a refresher concerning getting to that point. Do I just[COLOR=“Red”] leave the needles in and then at the beginning of a round, put the right sides together and add the third needle for the binding off?[/COLOR] I’d be concerned if I had to put the yarn onto different needles so I hope not.

All the videos show 2 large swatches being put together, right sides together, then demonstrating the bind off. Is there a video anywhere that shows knitting a hat in the round and having to do the 3 needle bind off at the end? ~Thanks-Pauline

I couldn’t find a video specifically for a hat but the technique is no different than that for the 2 swatches. You can leave the sts on the needles that you have been using and use a third needle for the bind off.
It’s not difficult to move half the sts to another needle if you have to. You could either knit half the sts onto the new needle or slip them purlwise to the new needle. It depends on where you want the working yarn to end up.

Why would I have to move the stitches? Seems like I would have to turn it inside out and then start with the 3rd needle where I have my marker?

I only brought up moving the stitches because you mentioned it. There’s no need to move them.
I sometimes move the stitches if I don’t have a 3rd needle of the same size to use as the working needle since it doesn’t matter what size needle the live sts are on, only the size of the working needle.

Thank you, salmmonmac. :stuck_out_tongue: