Hat trouble!

I have been knitting a hat and am at the reducing part. I dont know what happened, but I have this weird gap. If I knit through it, it makes a hole. I dont understand what happened. It can’t get bigger so it doesn’t appear to be a dropped stitch

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It may be that you just need to tighten up a bit on the k2tog in the hat shaping. This gap may also lessen when you wash and lay the hat out to dry (or follow the yarn ballband instructions.)
I notice that the last decrease is out of place. It needs to shift one stitch to the right (the two yellow-marked column sts).

I had that happen, and when I frogged back, it turned out I had changed the direction of my knitting, creating a hole🥹

Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate it! I will see what I can do :blush: I might also try to just find someone who can fix it for me, lol. I’m very new to knitting, and I want the hat to look really nice!


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You don’t happen to live near Washington, DC do you?

Afraid not! Down in NC :yellow_heart:

Are you using double pointed needles or Knitting the hat flat? I ALWAY had a wide gap between needle changes until switched to using two circulars.

There are techniques to eliminate the stretch between needle tips.

I’m with @salmonmac about missing last two decreases where she marked them. I also noted the other decrease seems to have stopped several rows back.

I am also in NC. Big state though.