Hat top down problem

#15 US needles, #6 wt - for nephew who has 25" circumference head- so when measured 12" around next to cable stopped the every other row increase & since it looks like it was getting long enough I thought I would start a 2 x 2 band, But after 3 to 4 rows of measured again and it was 15 inches around! This is the first time I’ve tried this from the top down – I was following a YouTube video which said nothing about decreasing they just said stop the increasing and start on the band when it’s long enough. So I ripped it out back up to where it was 12 inches around -now I don’t know how to progress?! If I decrease by k2tog, How often and for how many rows? When do I start the band? If I tried to use a smaller needle it will look weird with this thick yarn. How do I make it curve downward like a hat instead of outward like a shallow-wide-bowl like it’s doing

Hi, I haven’t tried a top down hat but, when facing a problem like yours, I look at other patterns in a similar weight/guage and see how they have worked it out.This link is for a search on Ravelry for free adult hat patterns in bulky/superbulky yarn and worked top down. Have a browse and see if any of them can help you.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful but someone else on here will probably have the answer for you.
Good luck with your project :grinning:


I like notknittingknots advice to look at similar patterns and use them as a guide.
Basically you want to increase to about 22-24" to fit a 25" head so that the hat will snug up a bit when worn. You may need to start with more frequent increases, maybe every row then go to increases every other row til you reach the circumference you need.
When you knit bottom up, you start with enough sts for that measurement,knit the body of the hat, then decrease. So for top down, increase to that measurement, knit the body of the hat straight down, then rib. You shouldn’t need any decreases (or at most just a few) for shaping.

Did you see what I wrote. It automatically is enlarging (top down) even when no decreases :sleepy:

What is the video that you were following? Can you give us a link?

Usually for top down the circle starts with about 6-8sts followed by rounds of increases. I see that you said there were every other round increases which makes sense. (That parallels the every other round decreases in a bottom up hat.) Once the hat is the correct circumference, you should be able to knit the body without increases until the hat fits over the head.

I tried as stated knitting plain after got to correct size but it still increased. Here’s vid: (I guess I will just have to space decreases around to bring it back down to smaller sz, since it seems to be too big when I knit three or four more rows) https://youtu.be/4MvbuKlU37E

Tks for Ravelry link, one pattern did decrease some before band.

The hat increases in size by working a knit front and back (kfb) at the markers. Part 2 of the video which you linked to shows a round where you’ve reached the size needed (about 1:00 min into the video). Thereafter you knit all rounds or knit in some pattern and don’t work the kfb at the markers. The markers are removed (see 2:30min). That should stop the crown from growing.
Here’s part 1 of the video which ends with the crown increases completed.

Instead of decreases immediately before the brim the video shows a change to smaller size needles which also works to tighten the brim.

Yes I watched both videos. Anyway tks to all for help! I ended up doing this that worked:

  • Decrease (k2tog) every 6 st for 2 rows
  • Re-measured, it still jumped from 12" to 13.5", so…
    -K2tog every 3 st for a couple of rows
  • K plain row & re- measured
    -It had jumped to 11"- so added one dec in middle of next row, K few rows then started k2p2 brim-- it’s finally looking like a hat, and since sts & yarn so huge it’s stretchy enough to fit any head haha! I guess sometimes you just have to keep trying different things to get the right sizes – but what I learned from all this is I’ll never make another top down hat but go back to my bottom up hats using magic loop (& NEVER double-pointed-needles)~ grin! (I just wanted to try something new.)
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Well, great! Good for you for persisting with the hat.